The 31 Best Search Engines and Listing Sites for Real Estate Agents | Head of Aftercare (2023)

Ah, the great debate about listing sites.Is Zillow worth it? Are Agents Scammed by Third Party Sites? Should we boycott the IDX?

The questions continue. But there is a bottom line:

Today's homebuyers are more knowledgeable andMore optionsthan ever.

As a real estate agent or landlord, that's your jobcut off the noiseand help real estate buyers and sellers to escape the information overload. Whether you choose to do so through - or in the presence of - third party listing sites is entirely up to you.

And if you're still not sure, read on. We've narrowed it down to the top 31 real estate listing websites that can help attract buyers. But as with all businesses, those who work for you have everything to do with your unique beliefsmarketing strategy.

So dive in, explore your options, and decide which sites are the best places to market your unique offerings!


  • The pros and cons of promoting your real estate listings on sites like Zillow
  • How to optimize your real estate website listings for maximum results
  • The 31 Best Websites and Search Engines for Real Estate Ads

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The pros and cons of promoting your real estate listings on sites like Zillow

Despite all of its benefits, technology has also brought some unwanted drama to the real estate world. of claims fromlead to thefteFraud, many real estate agents have a big problem with third party listing sites. (If you already know that you would rather have your real estate listings on your own website,we protect you!)

But others say it's not all bad. With the right solutions, they can sell more homes andbring quality leadsfrom third party websites. If you're still not sure if it's the former or the latter, looking at the websites available can definitely help.

Before we dive into the top real estate listing websites, here are some of the most commonly cited pros and cons to help you decide where to land.

Benefits of real estate listings sites for real estate agents

More contact with potential buyers

The initial appeal of third party sites was their ability to reach a much larger audience than a single broker could alone. Many third-party sites have millions of visitors each month, and the ability to access a larger pool of buyer leads is an attractive perk for many agents and brokers.

No cost for property listing

Many third-party sites allow you to list your properties for free, which can be seen as a big step up from the days of expensive print ads.

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Find buyers faster

seller nowWaitto list your properties online, and in many cases listing on a third-party site can open them up to a larger audience of motivated buyers.

High-quality leads from these sites are usually very keen to buy

Many potential buyers viewing specific properties on third-party sites already know what they are looking for and may have a shorter conversion timeline.

Disadvantages of real estate listing sites for real estate agents

Delay between updates of MLS records and third-party websites

Depending on which site you create a listing on, it can take approximately 72 hours for MLS listing data to sync with listing data displayed on third-party sites. This can be a huge source of confusion for both real estate agents and consumers.

Inaccurate data presented to leads

Due to the delay mentioned above, there is often an interruption in the data presented to buyers, resulting in properties not for sale being offered to potential buyers and of course some awkward conversations between agents and prospects. Some critics believe this misinformation could tarnish the reputation of the real estate industry in general.

Websites often bury or misrepresent the listing agent

Third-party websites don't give the Listing Agent as much exposure as IDX broker websites and may limit their visibility in favor of agents paying for premium features.

increase advertising costs

Many agents and brokers are lookingbuy leadsof third-party sites say they are expensive and unpredictable, making it difficult to get a good ROI.

If you're new to real estate, you'll hear a lot of opinions from both sides of the fence. And both are justified. A good look at available third-party websites can help you make up your own mind.

How to optimize your real estate website listings for maximum results

The picture matters. Mainly in the real estate market andparticularlyonline.

No matter what listing site(s) you use, the key to great results is how well you optimize your listings. Buyers are inundated with images of properties to rent and buy - they know immediately which ones are worth seeing.

You owe it to your sellers to do everything they can to present your property in the best light and attract the attention of potential buyers.

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Here are some of the key marketing principles behind any powerful listing agent.

Use high-quality graphics for all of your real estate listings

In the world of marketing, looks rule.

New virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies are enabling homebuyers to literally transcend time and space to get a more accurate picture of a property, helping realtors close more deals.

But if you can't offer your leads a full 3D experience, that's okay. The most important thing is not to skimp on the quality of your photos.

“Undoubtedly, professional photography is the most important element of your real estate marketing strategy. 86% of homebuyers say real estate photography is the number one reason they choose to view a home, but only 35% of real estate agents are real estate agents using a professional photography solution!"

Michael Yates, the real estate photography company's marketing director, says:Virtue.

Michael says, "Using professional photography is the best way to differentiate your listing from the competition and put you in the best position to get more views, more bids, and ultimately a higher sale price!"

We've all seen what happens when the listing agentZero Photography Game. When it comes to real estate, an investment in professional photos is almost always worthwhile.

Optimize your descriptions for real estate search engines

When your photos catch your buyer's attention, it's your words that will captivate them.

Write impressive offer descriptions to engage the reader and make them want to learn more. Start with the hottest features of the property (see checklist below) and use power words to get them excited about the listing.

The goal is to communicate the most desirable qualities as quickly and powerfully as possible. Don't bore the reader with too many details. Consumers have short attention spans and there are plenty of offers competing for those eyeballs! If you can limit the description to around 150 words, that's ideal - try not to exceed 250 or so.

Also keep in mind that many landing page algorithms use your descriptions to match potential buyers with the properties and characteristics they are looking for. Before you sit down to write your listing description, take a moment to put yourself in your buyer's shoes and think about what lifestyle features and amenities are most important to them.


Love it or hate it, Zillow holds number one in the hearts of home buyers and sellers across the United States. According to its website, Zillow's database includes "more than 110 million US homes — including homes for sale, homes for rent, and homes not on the market."

But we all know it was the lovable Zestimates that really sealed the deal. Zillow's Zestimates gives potential buyers and sellers a home appraisal in minutes. For better or worse, everyone from the willing homebuyer to the quiet lurker who just wants to know how much money their neighbors are saving comes to Zillow to get their questions answered.


Owned by Zillow, Trulia, like Zillow, aims to be a one-stop shop for property buyers and sellers. The main difference between the two is that Trulia has a stronger focus on education and community engagement. For example, the site offers neighborhood information, crime maps, and the ability to interact with agents and brokers through a dedicated online community called Trulia Voices. is the other big listing site of the "big three". It is also the official listing site forNational Brokers Association (NAR). Like the two above, it also aims to be the most comprehensive source of listings and information for home buyers and sellers. So what's the difference? TheQuora Answerby Matthew Holder of Houzz (and formerly Trulia) sums it up perfectly:

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The main difference is that has listings that are entered into one of the regional MLS systems, systems that are not-for-profit and overseen by a board of local brokers, where Zillow or Trulia consolidate their listing data from individual broker sites. (Coldwell Banker entries are automatically distributed to Trulia and Zillow). boasts a monthly traffic of over 12 million homebuyers and over 4 million homes for sale. Compared to the top 3, this listing page is more promising. It doesn't have the content, reach, or reputation of the others, but with millions of listings and homebuyers, it's definitely something to watch out for.

5.Move to

Acquired by OJO Labs in 2020, Movoto aims to lead real estate into the future - and its site is one of the fastest growing listing sites in the US, with nearly 26 million monthly visits. Movoto also offers a complete set of proprietary tools for buyers, sellers and brokers, all aimed at making real estate easy for everyone.

6.Keller Williams real estate

Keller Williams Realty claims to be the largest real estate franchise in the world by number of agents and the largest in the United States by units sold. They have over 1070 offices worldwide. Needless to say, you can find some great properties on their listings page. As with any broker-based listing site, browsers are connected to a Keller Williams agent.

7.RE/MAX real estate

RE/MAX is a leading global brokerage firm founded by real estate moguls Dave and Gail Liniger. They have a network of over 100,000 in over 100 countries worldwide and according to their website "no one sells more real estate than RE/MAX". Like other broker sites, browsers connect to one of their local agents on the RE/MAX listing page.

8.21st century

Century21 is one of the largest residential real estate brokers in the world alongside RE/MAX and Keller Williams. According to their website, they have 7,100 independent and operating franchise brokerage offices in 74 countries. Century21 browsers connect to a Century21 agent.

9.Better real estate for houses and gardens

Who hasn't heard of Better Homes and Gardens? The brand has been a leader in the real estate market for over 90 years. Their listing site has an extensive network of agents and brokers across the country. It's also part of the Realogy Group, one of the most influential holdings in the industry. As with the other major real estate listings websites, Better Homes and Gardens real estate search engine browsers connect to an affiliated agent on their network.


The Coldwell Banker brand is North America's oldest and most established residential real estate franchise system. In fact, in many ways, it was the original real estate "startup." Founded in 1906 by young entrepreneurs Colbert Coldwell and later Benjamin Banker, Coldwell Banker is one of the most trusted real estate brands in the world today. Browsers on Coldwell Banker's website connect to one of their agents.


Redfin is one of the originals. In fact, he is credited with inventing map-based real estate research. As a broker, Redfin offers a small fee of as little as 1% in some markets when a seller lists with one of their agents. The company also prides itself on being one of the most modern and technologically advanced listing sites on the market, offering 3D driving directions as well as local shipyard signs and marketing material.

12.Zip real estate

ZipRealty includes listings from 33 US markets. While it doesn't offer nationwide listings, it does have a large network of owned properties and real estate agents - and many users say its mobile app is one of the best. The app automatically notifies users of new offers based on their unique search criteria. ZipRealty is owned by Realogy, the same group that owns leading brokerage firms such as Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, Century21 and Coldwell Banker.


Compass is a rapidly growing listing site that aims to simplify the luxury home buying process. It's a relatively new site, founded in 2012 but has quickly grown to become one of the largest luxury brokerage companies in the US. It is currently available in 35 key markets across 16 states across the US, but prides itself on matching buyers with only the best local agents.


Hotpads, owned by Zillow, specializes in apartment and house listings in urban areas across the United States. It is a map-based search engine known for its high speed. It also offers five mobile apps to help users find the perfect home as easily as possible.


Not strictly a listing site, Curbed focuses on content first and provides potential homebuyers with in-depth resources on neighborhoods around the world. They cover a wide range of topics including interior design and architecture, renovations, prefab homes and real estate. Curbed is owned by Vox Media, which has an audience of 165 million readers.

16.The Corcoran Group

Corcoran Group, which specializes in luxury real estate, is a fixture in New York City, the Hamptons and South Florida - and now in many other markets across the country. In addition to residential real estate, they also offer a department for healthcare facilities and another for specialized moving services.

17.William Raveis Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance

Raveis is not just a listing site. It also offers mortgage and insurance estimates in one place. Offerings include luxury and high-end properties in the Northeast United States. It offers highly customized search criteria as well as neighborhood mapping, market statistics and school information.


According to its website, LoopNet is the most visited online commercial real estate marketplace with over 10 million unique visitors per month (20 times its closest competitor). They offer all types of commercial real estate including office, industrial, retail, multi-family, land and commercial properties. Their SEO expertise has also earned them the #1 spot in over 125,000 commercial real estate terms.

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Believe it or not, has been serving the needs of consumers and real estate professionals since 1999, making it the oldest surviving real estate site in the United States. With homes for sale in all 50 states, you can also use to curate off-market properties.


With a brand synonymous with luxury real estate, Sotheby's 1000 offices serve a global customer base in 74 countries and territories. Your listing search will be marked by truly stunning photos and videos, as well as virtual and 3D tours.

21.Berkshire Hathaway HomeServiços

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices is a truly global real estate network specializing in luxury—yet serving everything from first-time home buyers to upscale residential markets, midsize communities and commercial properties.

22.Foreclosure. com

At the other end of the spectrum, offers more than 1.8 million listings of foreclosures, preforeclosures, bankruptcies and tax liens in the United States. Their highly timely and detailed information has earned them the status of national experts on distressed property statistics.


RealtyTrac also offers a current and reliable database of foreclosures, bank properties, MLS listings, auctions and short sales. For real estate agents working with real estate investors, RealtyTrac is a valuable resource. offers a wealth of helpful resources and live customer support for the self-sufficient real estate seller - a mission they have been working towards since 1999. As the largest by owner real estate website, provides an elegant platform to browse FSBO properties.

While the site is a bit spartan compared to other property search sites, can certainly have some completely unique "home" listings. In addition to properties listed for sale by owner, also offers foreclosure listings.

As the name suggests, is the website for all types of apartment rentals. They have a huge selection and cool features like HD photos and 3D floor plans. Users can also directly access ratings and certified reviews from residents, which is a great benefit when you don't have direct access to the owner.'s mission is to “make it easy for renters to find and live in a place they love. Until we've touched every tenant in every rental property around the world, our work isn't finished.”

27.apartment guide

Yes. The classic printed guide is now one of the most trusted home listing sites on the web. Apartment Guide is owned by RentPath, the same company that owns The great advantage of this site is that it has a very powerful search facility and like offers a wealth of information for property seekers. They also have a reputation monitoring feature that allows homeowners to track renter reviews and attract more potential leads. According to their website, "The brand's commitment to maximizing owner and manager value makes Apartment Guide a leading partner in the multifamily housing industry."

28. Rentbeere

Rentberry is a transparent rental platform that streamlines rental tasks for renterseLandlords - from the application process to rent payments to the legally binding electronic signature of contracts. Currently, the platform operates in over 50 countries, making Rentberry one of the largest apartment rental websites in the world. Its global partnerships include big names like Domain Group, ImmobilienScout24, RealtyMX, Erasmusu and other big names in real estate. Tenants can make personalized offers to landlords and transparently discuss the rental price before closing the deal. new place is another great apartment rental portal. It is owned by RealPage and has over 4 million monthly users. Their mission is to “be the thought leaders of this dynamic industry”. They provide resources to help browsers find pet-friendly rentals, check their credit ratings, and get free rental quotes. They also offer cool visuals like 3D floor plans. offers custom surveys, community reviews, and even step-by-step video demos for renters looking for different types of residential property. The site also has a great mobile app to make the user experience as easy as possible. also offers advertising for landlords and property managers.

Like ApartmentGuide, was originally For Rent Magazine®. This is a smaller rental listings site, but it features apartment listings across the country and offers detailed visualizations such as 3D floor plans and virtual tours. This site also goes beyond just a listing site and provides access to movers and insurance providers. A major benefit of is that it owns three other websites,, and, and can therefore distribute listings across a wider network.

Are your properties on the best real estate listing sites? don't forget to follow

If you're doing all of this to edit your listings like a pro and then forgetting to follow up, you're wasting a lot of money (not to mention all your time!).

Agents who earn from third-party listing sites know that the strength of their sales strategy matters.

Because you can't sugarcoat it: search engines are extremely competitive. Leads are handled by multiple agents. Whoever moves the fastest and delivers the most value over time ultimately wins the sale. If you want it to be you, you need to have a long-term follow-up strategy.

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Instead of trying to make quick profits on third-party listing sites, think of your listing strategy as an investment that will pay off over time. Set up an automated drip campaign to nurture leads with useful, relevant content and put you first when they're ready to buy.


What is the largest real estate search engine? ›

Real Estate Website Statistics (Editor's Picks)

Zillow is the largest real estate website in the United States, ranked by visitor traffic. In the last year, Zillow averaged 60 million monthly visitors.

What are IDX websites? ›

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange; it's a system that allows REALTORS® to display the most comprehensive and up-to-date property listing information on their own Agent Website.

What is the best property search engine? ›

The 7 Best Real Estate Websites of 2023
  • Best Overall: Zillow.
  • Most Accurate:
  • Best Mobile App: Trulia.
  • Best for Foreclosures:
  • Best for Renting:
  • Best for For Sale By Owner:
  • Best for Heroes: Homes for Heroes.

What's the best website for realtors? ›

If you want buyer eyes on the properties your team has on the market, a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website is essential.
  1. Ylopo. ...
  2. Agent Fire. ...
  3. Union Street Media. ...
  4. Luxury Presence. ...
  5. Real Geeks. ...
  6. Sierra Interactive. ...
  7. IDX Broker Home. ...
  8. ProAgent Websites.
Jul 17, 2020

What is the most popular real estate company? ›

Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams is the biggest real estate company in the United States. They boast the most agents in the world, working hard every day to make buying and selling homes an excellent one.

Who is buying the most real estate? ›

Millennials have made up the biggest percentage of homebuyers since 2014. About 81% of younger millennials, aged 25 to 31, and 48% of older millennials were first-time buyers.

Does Zillow use IDX? ›

Zillow does not use the IDX feed to display lease listings.

How much does IDX cost per month? ›

Choose your level of protection and get covered in minutes
IDX Identity
PricingIndividual Annual $8.96/mo billed annually Individual Monthly $9.95/mo Family Annual $17.96/mo Family Monthly $19.95/mo
6 more rows

Do you have to pay for IDX? ›

Is there a fee? There is no fee from SBMLS, however, IDX vendors charge for their service. IDX vendors pay SBMLS an annual fee of $500.

Which app is best for property search? ›

Best Overall Zillow
  • Access to over 135 million homes.
  • Unlock Zillow-owned properties through the app.
  • Detailed search and filter criteria.
  • Personal rental profiles.
Feb 8, 2023

What is the best app for finding property? ›

The best property line apps work on both iOS and Android devices. While some are free, a few of the best ones charge a subscription fee.
The Best Property Line Apps
  1. LandGlide. LandGlide is a property line and parcel data app that works on desktop and mobile devices. ...
  2. onX Hunt. ...
  3. Regrid. ...
  4. BaseMap. ...
  5. MapPad.
Aug 23, 2022

What is more accurate than Zillow? ›

Redfin's home value estimator is more accurate than Zillow's when it comes to pinpointing the sales price. According to Redfin, its estimates are approximately 74% accurate within 5% of the sales price for listed homes. By comparison, Zillow is only 67% accurate within 5% of the sale price for listed homes.

What is the best way for a REALTOR to get listings? ›

8 tips and tricks for getting listings as a new real estate agent
  1. Call everyone you know. ...
  2. Talk about real estate in person. ...
  3. Contact local major developers. ...
  4. Cold call and door-knock. ...
  5. Post about it on social media. ...
  6. Get recommendations. ...
  7. Go to local real estate offices. ...
  8. Invest in yourself.
Apr 19, 2017

Do websites help real estate agents? ›

Therefore, now is the perfect time to learn about how to build a realtor website or at least what goes into one. So, do real estate agents need a website. In short, the answer is definitely yes!

What is the best social media for REALTORS? ›

What Is The Best Social Media For Real Estate?
  • 97% of realtors use Facebook.
  • 59% use LinkedIn.
  • 39% use Instagram.

What is the highest paid real estate agent? ›

The highest-paid real-estate agent is a luxury broker.

Luxury brokers earn an average salary of $142,000 per year with commissions reaching up to $10M annually. As a luxury broker, you would specialize in multimillion-dollar deals and work closely with developers, architects, and designers.

What company owns the most property in the US? ›

The largest landowners in the United States are the Emmerson family, with 2,330,000 acres of land. Red Emmerson, the patriarch of the family, founded Sierra Pacific Industries in Anderson, CA. They are one of the largest producers of lumber in the country and operate a number of sawmills.

Who is the biggest real estate company in USA? ›

Here are the top real estate companies in the U.S.:
  • Re/Max.
  • Coldwell Banker Realty.
  • Keller Williams Realty.
  • HomeServices of America and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.
  • Sotheby's International Realty.
  • Compass.
  • eXp Realty.
  • Douglas Elliman.
Feb 14, 2023

Do most rich people own real estate? ›

90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” This famous quote from Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs of all time, is just as relevant today as it was more than a century ago.

Why are most millionaires in real estate? ›

Because of the many tax benefits, real estate investors often end up paying less taxes overall even as they are bringing in more income. This is why many millionaires invest in real estate. Not only does it make you money, but it allows you to keep a lot more of the money you make.

Who is the largest single owner of real estate? ›

1. John Malone – 2,200,000 Acres
  • John Malone – 2,200,000 Acres.
  • Emmerson Family – 2,078,032 Acres.
  • Ted Turner – 2,000,000 Acres. Start Buying Farmland Today!
  • Reed Family – 1,726,295 Acres.
  • Stan Kroenke – 1,380,000 Acres.
  • Irving Family – 1,247,880 Acres.
  • Peter Buck – 1,236,000 Acres.
  • Brad Kelley – 1,139,984 Acres.
Jan 12, 2023

How much does IDX Broker cost? ›

IDX Broker services are based on a no-contract monthly fee. (Lt) Plans starting at $55.00/mo, and (Pt) starting at $90.00/mo. MLS Member fees vary. Each additional MLS will incur a $30/mo charge, in addition to any MLS fees.

How much does an IDX website cost? ›

IDX Broker Pricing
IDX Broker LiteStarting at $55.001 Agents Per Month Request Demo
IDX Broker PlatinumStarting at $90.001 Agents Per Month Request Demo

Are there fake listings on Zillow? ›

If you find a fraudulent listing on Zillow, please return to the listing page and click “Report Listing” and select “Listing seems to be fraudulent or illegal.” If you believe you have been scammed, report the incident to the FTC.

Should I give IDX my Social Security number? ›

Yes, you should provide your SSN … sometimes. When you're applying for a loan or a new credit card, for instance, you'll need to provide your SSN so they can run a credit check. Same goes with applying for government benefits, from unemployment to Medicare, and when you go to the DMV.

Should I trust IDX? ›

IDX Complete is an excellent identity theft protection service. With Bitdefender, McAfee, and Norton, you get a full security suite alongside your identity protection. IDShield too, though it licenses security from Trend Micro.

Is it safe to give IDX your Social Security number? ›

IDX was built on the core value of ensuring the privacy of your personal, financial, and health information. We employ leading encryption and security technologies to ensure that every interaction a member has with IDX is secure.

What is CRM in real estate? ›

A real estate CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps manage all communications with both leads and clients. CRM tools are becoming more important to the daily work of real estate agents and the success of their brokerages every year.

Is IDX the same as MLS? ›

IDX (Internet Data Exchange) allows agents and brokers to access and display MLS listing information on their real estate websites. Also known as Broker Reciprocity, the term “IDX” refers to the software, rules and regulations which allow MLS data to show on your site.

What does IDX stand for in real estate? ›

Many of the benefits we offer agents and brokers revolve around IDX, which is an acronym for Internet Data Exchange. This enables real estate professionals to display the most comprehensive and up-to-date property listing data on their own real estate websites.

What apps are like 99 acres? ›'s top 5 competitors in January 2023 are:,,,, and more.

How do you get Google property lines? ›

How do I see property lines on Google Maps? Google Maps will display property lines if you type your address into the 'Search Google Maps' search bar and zoom into the property closely enough. However, property lines are not available on all locations in Google Maps, unfortunately.

What is the app that shows property lines? ›

The LandGlide app is designed to help people find their property lines using their smartphones. Thanks to advanced parcel data and the GPS on your device, LandGlide features up-to-date data that can show you where your property lines are.

What iPhone app shows property lines? ›

LandGlide® is the most advanced and comprehensive parcel data and property line map application. Using GPS to pinpoint your location, access key parcel data anywhere. - Hover over a property to instantly view details. - Search for properties by owner, address, or parcel numbers.

Is there a free GPS app to find property lines? ›

If you want a free app that shows property lines, you need to download Homesnap today.

Does Google Earth show property lines? ›

Putting Google Maps To Work For You

It's important to note that while Google Maps does have the ability to show property lines, this information isn't always available for a variety of reasons.

Who is the biggest competitor of Zillow? ›

For core listing services, is their biggest competitor. What site is better than Zillow? Zillow's real estate offerings are some of the most comprehensive, but Redfin and offer some comparable services, especially in terms of home valuation.

Which real estate app has the most accurate estimates? ›

  1. Redfin. The most accurate home value estimator is Redfin as it uses historical pricing data and also considers real-time demand and market trends. ...
  2. Zillow. ...
  3. ...
  4. Trulia. ...
  5. Ownerly. ...
  6. Chase. ...
  7. RE/MAX. ...
  8. Homelight.
Jul 18, 2022

Are Zillow estimates too high? ›

The Zestimate is often less accurate than your Realtor's estimate and can be thousands of dollars off. According to Zillow's Zestimate page, “The nationwide median error rate for the Zestimate for on-market homes is 1.9%, while the Zestimate for off-market homes has a median error rate of 7.5%.

How do most Realtors get leads? ›

A 2020 study by the National Association of REALTORS® found that 68% of sellers found their agents through a referral by friends or family. So your job is to touch base with everyone in your sphere regularly so that you will be top-of-mind when any of those people are asked if they know a good real estate agent.

How do real estate agents get noticed? ›

15 Tricks To Get Noticed As A Real Estate Agent
  1. Use Social Media. ...
  2. Make Sharing Available. ...
  3. Keep up with Competition. ...
  4. Be Easy to Contact. ...
  5. Become Mobile-Friendly. ...
  6. Think About Becoming a Niche Service Provider. ...
  7. Introduce Yourself. ...
  8. Use Social Ads.
Feb 19, 2019

Is it better to go directly to listing agent? ›

Buying A Home Directly With The Listing Agent Can Save You Lots Of Money. If you're looking to save money when buying a home, you may want to let only the listing agent represent you instead of having a buyer's agent. This is called dual agency. It's an unusual move, but one I've conducted three times.

How do real estate agents attract sellers? ›

How to Get Leads in Real Estate
  1. Build partnerships.
  2. Throw a housewarming party.
  3. Become a restaurant regular.
  4. Send a handwritten note.
  5. Leverage the internet to advertise.
  6. Advertise through more traditional media.
  7. Build your own website.
  8. Develop a niche.
Jul 8, 2022

Does social media help real estate agents? ›

It opens up your sphere of influence and referral base and allows you to connect with an unlimited number of people. That includes existing clients, potential new clients, and industry peers. Social media should be the tool you use on a consistent basis to promote your business and build your reputation.

Do introverts make good realtors? ›

Observation and listening skills

Real estate agents need to be able to interpret their clients' body language and cues to build a good rapport. Introverts are really good at it, thanks to their sense of observation.

Can I be a successful real estate agent without social media? ›

77% of realtors actively use social media to promote their business in some way. If you aren't on social, you will lose clients to other realtors who effectively leverage their presence.

What is the biggest social media platform for real estate? ›

Reasons to Use Facebook for Realtors

It's the social media platform with the largest user base — 190 million active users in the US and 2.85 billion worldwide, according to Omnicore Agency.

Is Zillow bigger than Redfin? ›

Reason #1: Zillow Covers More Homes than Redfin

Officially, Redfin says it provides home value estimates for over 92 million homes, although its weekly updated data indicates its closer to 97.6 million — only about 1.3 million are active listings. Redfin operates in 43 states and the District of Columbia.

Is Zillow bigger than realtor com? ›

Agents pay extra for an exclusive realtor spot in your ZIP code. Considerably less traffic to than other real estate platforms: Zillow typically has 3x more traffic than

Is Redfin or Zillow more popular? ›

Zillow is the most popular home buying website because it's available throughout the U.S. and includes lots of details on off market properties, while the Redfin app only displays listings in select markets. However, better options exist if you're looking for a low cost realtor or want to earn a home buyer rebate.

Is Zillow the most used? ›

Throughout 2022, Zillow was the most popular real estate website in the United States. Monthly, Zillow received about 60 million visits, which was substantially higher than any other website in the ranking.

Is MLS better than Zillow? ›

If you are able to view the MLS in your area online directly, you will only see properties that are currently active on the market. This makes the MLS more accurate than Zillow, which frequently keeps properties listed as available long after they have been taken off the market.

Is Redfin really 1%? ›

Is Redfin Really 1%? Yes, but it depends on one condition. You must sell AND buy a home using Redfin's agent services within 365 days to qualify for the 1% reduced commission. If not, you pay the standard 1.5% commission.

Does Remax give you leads? ›

Through, RE/MAX agents receive the leads on their own listings, as well as referrals from RE/MAX agents around the world – with no fees added on from RE/MAX. At RE/MAX, you are able to easily connect with business opportunities from around the globe.

How to get Zillow leads for free? ›

Zillow charges top dollar for the leads, but they do not charge agents to have a profile. So, there are two primary keys: Get more listings and have a top-notch profile. Again, both of these are free. As the listing agent, you are in the top spot ABOVE the top paying Realtors®.

Why is realtor com estimate so much lower than Zillow? ›

This is another frequently asked question from home sellers and buyers. The main difference between home values and Zillow Zestimates is that Zillow uses its own program to create a Zestimate, while uses several 3rd parties to provide multiple home values.

How accurate is Zillow Zestimate? ›

How accurate is the Zestimate? The nationwide median error rate for the Zestimate for on-market homes is 2.4%, while the Zestimate for off-market homes has a median error rate of 7.49%. The Zestimate's accuracy depends on the availability of data in a home's area.

What is the most accurate home value estimator? ›

Zillow home value estimates are often considered the most accurate; however, this depends on the location and available data. Known as 'Zestimates,' they have a national median error rate of 7.5 percent for off-market homes and 1.9 percent for listed homes.

Does Redfin give cash back? ›

The redfin buyers refund works similarly to other agent commission rebates. Typically, one of Redfin's buyer agents will receive 2.5-3% of the sale price as part of their split from the 5-6% the seller's agent received.

What is the most trafficked real estate website? › is the most visited Real estate website in United States in January 2023, attracting nearly 209.1M monthly visits. With second-placed receiving 164.3M visits in the same period. also performed strongly, generating nearly 110.6M visits.

Is realtor or Zillow better? ›

Overall, Zillow leads work better than those on, which could be for several reasons — Zillow has more traffic, there's more transparency in the actual process, and the company has been more innovative.


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