Everything You Need to Know About Cups in Tarot | astrology answers (2023)

combined withwater elementand the aspect of the heart, thesuit from the heartNOTarotcontains several beautiful connection cards.

With this costume we explore emotions, relationships, love and friendship, community, intuition, faith, spirituality, creativity and magic, delving into our own sense of inner wisdom with sensitivity, wonder and joy.

And while we tend to think of it as the suit of love, mugs also recognize the most difficult emotions we can experience: sadness, loneliness, anger, frustration, grief, and heartache.

Like the water itself, the suit of cups contains infinite depths, torrents, and rich beauty.

Basics of Tarot Cups

The heart color is one of the four heart colorsMinor Arcanaand contains numbered cards from Ace through Ten and Fourcourt letters. These cards are associated with the astrological element of water, meaning that this color is also associated with the three water zodiac signs:Krebs,Scorpio, zFisch.

Each of the fourTwo small arcana suitsit is connected to an aspect of our humanity.

Bagsrepresent the heart whileswordsrepresents the mindpentagramrepresent the body andwandsrepresent the soul. Cups help us recognize our most tender and personal feelings, the people and communities we are drawn to, the ways we need to be accepted and understood.

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Besides water and the heart, thesuit from the heartit also represents creativity, attachment, attraction, love, family, connection, art, beauty, intimacy, vulnerability, empathy, insight and intuition.

Like the astrological element of water, here we explore the depths we carry, the secrets we keep, the moments we flow and the moments we stagnate.

As we move through the Heart Chain, we discover a new source of emotion, form important connections, deal with loneliness and disappointment, reflect on our stories, make important decisions about where to invest emotional energy, and find ourselves fully from collectively supported. .

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As you work with Cups, remember that these cards ask us to examine a particularly complex topic and can help us delve into feelings or reactions that we may not always fully recognize.

  • Where are you afraid to explore?
  • What secrets are you keeping from yourself, and how do protective boundaries help you heal and grow?
  • How does connecting with others help us better understand ourselves?

ÖTogether(or numbered cards) in the suit of hearts show us many ways we can think about this energy, from opening our heart to new connections to protecting when we are feeling insecure.

These cards can help us recognize and make space for our own pain or hurt, push ourselves to be more generous with our energy, and express empathy or kindness in new ways.

Öcourt letters, on the other hand, represent individuals learning to better utilize the energy in their cups.

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Page is a child and student, someone who begins his journey with creativity and sensitivity; the knight is a teenager looking to prove his talent and will through action; The queen is a master and ruler who teaches others how to use this element internally, and the king is a master and ruler who teaches others how to use this element externally.

These cards can represent the questioner, a person in the questioner's life, or they can offer advice on how to use the energy of heart color for yourself.

The Suit of Cups: Tarot Card Descriptions

Below I offer some simple heart suit interpretations of each of the fourteen cards. You can combine these with your own research or intuitive insights to develop a personal and powerful understanding of each of these cards, but this will give you a starting point.

Everything You Need to Know About Cups in Tarot | astrology answers (1)

cup wings

cup wings: A new beginning, a joyful connection, expansion and discovery. Opening your heart to a new connection, learning more about yourself, recognizing an invitation to grow. The full potential of the color of the heart.

2 Bags

2 Bags:A change in intimacy, a new relationship, something growing. Development in an important partnership. An opportunity to improve connection or learn more about another person.

3 Bags

3 Bags:Important friends, chosen family, the people who see us exactly as we are. The celebration, the community, the collective. Let us witness, share our victories and our sorrows.

4 Bags

4 Bags: Setting boundaries in relationships, withdrawing from intimacy, becoming bored or uncomfortable with our current position. Wanting to isolate ourselves, feel lonely, or be selfish about our emotions. Hold.

5 Bags

5 Bags:Loss, pain, sadness, sorrow. An admission that something has changed in a way we didn't want, an admission that some hope has been lost. Room for sadness while acknowledging all that is still there.

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6 Bags

6 Bags:Recalling happier times, exploring old memories, digging into the past. Play, childhood, longing, joy, simple pleasures. Find the magic again.

7 Bags

7 Bags: Losing yourself in your own imagination, indulging in fantasies, losing touch with reality or putting off an important decision. Dreaming of possible futures. Learn the difference between dreams and reality, pay attention to illusions.

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8 Bags

8 Bags:Choosing to leave a difficult or harmful situation. Letting go of something that no longer serves us. Choose yourself, start a new journey, leave something negative behind.

Recognize when growth is not possible.

9 Bags

9 Bags:Comfort, pleasure, contentment with where we are and where we have arrived. Wishes come true even when we realize that we still have a few dreams that we hope to fulfill.

joy, contentment, contentment.

10 Bags

10 Bags: Beautiful fellowship, joyful partnerships, a sense of deep joy and happiness. Reciprocity, giving and receiving energy equally. Feel fully supported. Greeting.

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side of the cups

side of the cups:A water child bringing news of a new creative opportunity, romantic connection, or invitation to fellowship. Artistic explorations, new beginnings, an opening of the heart.

knight of hearts

knight of hearts:An aquatic teenager known for optimism, romance, dreamy imagination and wearing his emotions on his sleeve. Pursue an ideal, strive for an achievement, accept a new challenge, be willing to take risks for love.

Jealousy, lost in imagination, need for balance.


Herzkönigin:A water ruler full of love, kindness, compassion, empathy, sensitivity and artistic talent. Deeply intuitive, trusts himself. Teacher, artist and excellent listener.

king of hearts

king of hearts: A water ruler with a strong understanding of emotions. Strength, resilience, willingness to share emotions and support those in need. Someone who leads with their heart, who is not afraid of what they feel. An intuitive authority. deep care.

Working with cups

For many people it is a joy to see the cards in the heart suit. After all, love is one of the most sought-after topics for tarot readings, and many people want to learn more about the connections they can find and develop throughout their lives.

But it's important to remember that these maps can also teach us a lot about how we experience the world, the impact art and beauty, connection and sensitivity can have on us. Spend time with these cards individually and reflect on the lessons they can teach you as an individual, rather than just focusing on what they might have to say in the context of relationships.

Which cards of this suit attract you most and why? How do you understand the journey of heart color? How do these face cards differ from other suits?

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This post contains maps ofWell Tarot.

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