19 Great Songs With Bones In The Title (With Meaning) (2023)

The best songs with bone in the title

How many songs with a bone in the title have you heard? No matter what your taste in music, these are the best songs with the word "bone" in the title. Despitethe word bone appears in the title of most of these songs, the lyrical interpretations are very different.

Songs like Soul Coughing and Bones by Lazybones written by Ginny Blackmore are included on this list. You can leave a comment if you think we missed a greatsong with a bone in the title.

Top 19 songs with bone in their title

1. Bones

young guns

Young Guns - Bones (Official video me HD)

First up on our list of songs with bone in the title is Bones' young guns.

This is the title track from the second studio album by British alternative rock band Young Guns. The story of the song was told for the Kerrang! by the band's vocalist, Gustav Wood.

Our producer Dan Weller's studio was used to get us out of our rehearsal room, where we had been writing for several years. Borrowing the studio and doing some work…Dan asked for no studio parties…Naturally we threw a ton of parties and did absolutely nothing for the next two weeks!

On the last day, we were both very hungover and the guys were all gathered in one room with their instruments in hand. Ben (Joliffe, drums) was experimenting with a simple tom groove in the style of Queen's "We Will Rock You."

Ben was having fun with this. Fraser (Taylor, guitar) came up with the main riff used on the song 'Bones' seemingly out of nowhere.

That's when I ran into the room and thought, 'There's something in this! Keep it up! The words 'I feel it in my bones' came out of my mouth once we got to the chorus." After that, we looked at each other and said, "F-k!" That is fantastic! Keep up your efforts! At that moment, I realized that we had written something really special.”

Wood went on to explain that his impromptu hook was a reaction to hearing the song itself: "We were really excited," he explained, "so I sang something that felt right at the time and that chorus just came out!" And we knew it was a good thing."

2. lazy

soul cough


Next on our list of songs with a bone in the title is lazybones ` soulcoughing.

I think thatThe song is about love... obviously... butit is also about the feeling of total and utter happiness that you experience when you are in love, and it doesn't matter what you are doing while you are with that other person, because everything is happiness.

Simple things, like the ones Doughty describes in this song, are illuminated in a whole new light as a result of his intense emotions. The imagery used in this song is amazing to witness.

3. Feel it in my bones

Tegan and Sarah

Tiesto feat. Tegan and Sara - Feel it in my bones

This song, in my opinion, is definitely about a sudden breakup that happened. It's talking about all the things that come to mind and that you can't stop thinking about.

Emotions and the feeling of "Well, I've tried enough at this point."

My interpretation of this song is heavily influenced by my own life experiences. I think it's an excellent match. This is not a depressing song!

The narrator of this song is taken by surprise by someone. Even if they didn't expect this person to show up in their lives (I didn't until it happened to me), he or she knows in their bones that the other person will be there for a long time. time.

It is based entirely on intuition rather than intellect or facts. (I can feel it deep in my bones.)

The narrator has the impression that the other person has the same impression. Looks like they're taking a break right now. The connection may have been a little scary because it was unexpected, especially for the other person.

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4. Bones

Gina Blackmore

Gina Blackmore - Osos

Ginny Blackmore is a New Zealand singer-songwriter who hails from the city of Auckland. Blackmore dropped out of school at the age of 16 to pursue a career as a musician. She later moved to London, where she signed a publishing deal as a songwriter.

Christina Aguilera recorded one of Blackmore's songs ("Sing For Me") for her album Lotus, but Blackmore decided she wanted to sing the songs herself and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer. This is her first single as a solo artist.

There is a rawness to the song as it portrays a young woman who is involved with a cruel man and does not receive the love she deserves. During an interview with Radio.com, Blackmorehe remembered the night he wrote the song, when she was alone in her Los Angeles apartment, drinking wine and experiencing what she describes as an "especially feminine moment." “I'm kind of a drama queen.

Although she admitted that she was cheering up in front of the mirror, she explained that she was not embarrassed by her actions. The things Blackmore said to herself were things like, "You're attractive, Ginny." Someone will fall in love with you. "You are absolutely wonderful."

It was "just me singing", he explained, adding that the first verse came out "freestyle". At the time, it was exactly what I felt like saying and it was the first thing that came to mind."

Blackmore told Radio.com that while the emotions expressed in the song are her own, the story is a compilation of stories told to her by close family members and her best friend over several decades. "She just became this ball of femininity that I've been experimenting with," she said of the experience.

5. Bone machine


Huesos machine (remastered)

Charles Thompson has spoken at length about his lyrical writing in interviews, stating that his lyrics are usually added as an afterthought to the music and chosen primarily for how they sound and feel thematically rather than what they express specifically.

Many of Charles' early themes, such as women with questionable morals (prostitutes), dark culture (Japanese fast food), and generally macabre themes, are well represented in this song.

To be completely honest, I'm pretty sure the phrase "days are bright like everyone else's" should be changed to "they taste a little like everyone else's" which refers to blistered lips (herpetic? ).

I have a DVD of a live performance of this song and it seems to me that what is said is exactly what is implied. It also seems to be more in line with the general theme. You know, it seems that she has been unfaithful to "everyone", and that is what her lips know about her.

6. Begging Bone


Garbage - Begging Bone

Androgyny was never one of my favorites when I bought it, but I now consider it one of the best B-sides from that era.

When I listened well, the lyrics really caught my attention and made me want to sing along.

It's similar to writing a letter to a dear friend or family member, warning them to be less reckless and reckless, but we should all have the opportunity to learn from our own mistakes.

I think it also serves as a reassuring message to them: we accept them as they are; don't be afraid to know that there are people out there who are taking care of you.

7. Skin and bone

the sprains

The Kinks - Skin and Bone

Eating disorders are the theme of this song. Music can be a source of comfort and insight for people struggling with eating disorders. Sometimes the lyrics are touching, sometimes they are funny, and other times they are simple.

8. bones

the tragically great

Tragicamente Hip - Little Bones

Perhaps the message of this song is also about how human it is to believe that there is something better in front of you and make the mistake of taking what is in front of you now for granted.

9. Lazy Bones

Green Day

Green Day - Lazy Bones [Music Video]

This is fantastic music. The lyrics, on the other hand, seem to accurately reflect what Billie has been going through lately. Almost everything points to her having a nervous breakdown on stage during her appearance at the festival.

Those lyrics are among the darkest and most profound he's ever written, and the song is accompanied by a catchy melody complete with handclaps.

Some of Billie's best work comes from a place of great emotion in his heart, and this is undoubtedly one of those moments for him. Again, a fantastic song, but when you read the lyrics in the context of what happened a few months ago, it becomes a bit unsettling to listen to.

10. Pillow of your bones

chris cornell

pillow of your bones

This is one of the best songs with a bone in the title. This is a story about drug abuse, getting high, and the exhilaration that comes with being high in contrast to the harshness of reality.

Whatever he's smoking is like a saint. Marijuana, tobacco, and opium have been used for spiritual experiences throughout history.

The coals are rising, and he's excited about the high he's about to experience (“I'm bathing in your glow,” he says). Chris is smoking this to heighten the low points of his emotional highs and lows, which are exacerbated by the saint's poisonous nature.

Pre chorus

Chris experiences a state of euphoria and is able to distinguish between his physical and spiritual being. Chris reaches a high level of spiritual or mental awareness and actually refers to himself as "you" when he is in this state. The euphoria is compared to that of a fever, and of course there is a reluctance to engage in drug abuse. Chris, on the other hand, reaches a numb state, with the experience being described as a painless lie.


In his physical self, Chris keeps referring to himself as "you". The fact that his normal self is spiritually distant and "dead" allows her to lie on top of all the bones and junk of his everyday life. To wait out the tide, he can lie on the beach until he sobers up and is sucked back into the ocean of reality. In this state, he doesn't even give a shit about reality, and as a result, he even throws his own bones into the fire, last move, fuck reality.

  1. 2 (second line)

Euphoria is similar to a healing hand that weakens or wears off over time. References to silver and granite can allude to feelings of relaxation (leisure or luxury) and spirituality. He can sleep peacefully while high because he is no longer subject to the mutterings of his own mind (referring to his real self as "you" again-"sleeping in the silence of your voice"). In his arms she cradles her only destructive escape from reality: drugs, alcohol and tobacco ("cradling the danger of my only option").

He then goes on a journey through his own mind, which has been opened by the elation of his elation. He then tries to persuade himself (and you) that drug abuse won't solve any problems ("I'll go into his open mind and he won't find any lies he can hide").

11. No Bones

dinosaur jr

Dinosaur Jr-No Good Official Video

As I understand it, the story of this song is about a man who has to inform a woman that her husband died in a war. I believe the phrase "boneless" refers to the fact that her husband's remains were never discovered and identified.

12. Pointy bone

pointed bone

Siouxsie and the Banshees is a musical group from the United States.

Pointing at the bone (also known as someone singing) was considered a form of Aboriginal magic and was believed to cause death. People who were 'marked' often died, not as a result of the magic itself, but as a result of their belief that they would die, that is, death as a result of superstition or fantasy.

13. Flesh and Bone

The Killers

The Assassins - Flesh and Bone

Believe it or not, I think this is a battle between beliefs and passions. Brandon Flowers, who is an active Mormon, found that he likes Sin City (Las Vegas), that it's hard to stay out of trends and pressures (especially in the music industry), and that he likes all things associated with sin:

But somewhere in between, she finds the balance and courage to keep her faith, and proudly waves the flag of the country she loves most: the United States of America.

Then emphasize that even though you are afraid (future, beyond? etc.) the ability to sin and be vulnerable. The same way the “valley” does (Vegas is a valley).

He concludes by stating that there is no end to the battle and there is no end to the fighting. In short, it is necessary because "we are descendants of giant men."

This song, like many others written by Brandon Flowers for The Killers, is heavily influenced by the Mormon religion and the city of Las Vegas. God, hell, and flesh and blood are mentioned only in the course of these letters. It doesn't matter what they mean; the lyrics are fantastic and the music is even better. I like this song alot.

14. Misty Bone

great white


Undoubtedly, the story is about a sweet and beautiful young woman who is extremely impressed with "mista bone"'s ability to drive her crazy in bed.

15. Pirate Bears

Natasha Bedingfield

Ossos Piratas - Natasha Bedingfield

This song reminds me when someone is in a relationship just for the sake of being in a relationship (romantic, casual, etc.), and not necessarily for their own emotional growth and well-being.

In order to make the other person happy, they fake their emotions and ideals, but this comes at the expense of their own personal identity. In addition, it is possible that they themselves experience some level of happiness, but it is of a material nature (for example, sexual pleasure), which is in conflict with their soul, their inner happiness.

It seems that all the pretense and materialism is destroying the identity and the soul until leaving only bones... and that it is taking its toll on the other person, even if they are 'good as gold', sincere and in search of happiness inside .

The fact that this person is being carried in a bag by someone who cannot quench his own thirst in the middle of the desert... It is detrimental to both parties. The two still feel lonely in their relationship.

16. Billy's Bones

pogas bone

billy's bones

This is a song about the sad irony of war - also, the very blunt and nonchalant way he sings about the hard facts of war shows how we all take for granted what it really means to go to war, as if it were just a fun ride on the carousel, similar to when you play a war video game with your friends and then go out for a beer and pizza.

17. Bones in the Sky

dan fogelberg

bones in the sky

The image of this song is a reference to the work ofGeorgia O´Keeffe, who is known for her paintings. Her work was vibrant and colourful, and often interpreted as sensual in nature.

O'Keeffe died in 1986 at age 98, leaving behind a legacy of art. 'This song was first released in 1990.' Dan Fogelberg, a songwriter and singer, was also drawn to the American West as a subject.

This song makes it clear that he considered her a significant influence. I have a feeling the letters correspond to specific paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe, but I'm not familiar enough with her work to prove it. Hopefully another art enthusiast will enlighten us in a later comment.

O'Keeffe's work often featured bones, and this may have served as the inspiration for the title. The painting depicts a whitewashed head of a ram against a blue sky over a desert landscape.

18. Roll up the bones


Rush - Roll the Bones

Taking risks and not resting on our laurels while waiting for things to happen are important aspects of Roll the Bones. If you want something in life, you have to grab it by the horns and squeeze it.

19. Hearts and Bones

Paul Simon

Paul Simon - Hearts and Bones (Official Audio)

And last on our list of songs with a bone in the title is Paul Simon's Hearts and Bones.

Despite its simplicity, this song has a strong emotional impact. While there is a shared sense of sadness when the sun goes down on a relationship, there are lingering reminders of yourtime togetherthat they "will not come undone." After hearing this song (which I often end up playing at sundown on Sundays!) I always feel a little, well, devastated.

It's almost as if he's admitting that he and she have tried everything to maintain their relationship and that they've succeeded. And he, like her, made a series of mistakes.

And now is the time to let it go, to let it "wait to be restored."


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Aug 31, 2022


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